Our Mission

To build a culture of wellness among males by providing the spaces and opportunities to support their journey towards optimal health and well-being,

Our Core Values

We embrace community.

We recognize that our work cannot be achieved in silos. We believe in collaboration and the power a team of like-minded individuals can have in improving the health and well-being of others.

We embrace inclusivity.

We foster a culture of inclusivity among our organization and the populations we serve. We bring together and harness diverse experiences, perceptions, and resources. To us, inclusivity leads to the practice of diversity where a rich environment of respect, involvement, and connection is cultivated and valued.

We embrace the lens of opportunity and assets.

Our work focuses on identifying and implementing facilitators of human agency to empower males and their loved ones to be informed decision-makers and to adopt healthy lifestyles. We are more interested in the things that keep us healthy and well in the first place.

We embrace innovation.

We seek to promote innovation in the field of male health through the creation and execution of basic and applied research. Evidence-informed knowledge guides the development, implementation, and evaluation processes.