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We provide immersive experiences surrounding male wellness that challenge your boundaries. Join us in one of our upcoming programs!


Rucking Pathways

What the ruck?!?!?

Others may define rucking as hiking with a weighted backpack. But, to us, it’s accepting any challenge head on and gaining the skills to confidently navigate the game of life. Rucking Pathways offers you an outlet to get away, be around people that relate to you, and learn ways to deal with overwhelm and stress. We challenge you to join us; let’s ruck!

This past Father’s Day 2019, we partnered with our local lululemon-Winter Park to offer a special Father’s Day Ruck. Kudos to Morefield Visuals for capturing the experience. Here’s a glimpse to our rucking experience…


Good Vibes

A little bit of downward dog, meditation, soulful conversations, and all-around good company.

What would it feel if you had wellness? A deep sense of good vibes energy, right? Come dabble in some self-care sessions that includes a culminating 2-night experience at Camp Yoga. Yes, sleepover camp - to reset, clear your headspace, cat-nap during savasana, and possibly bend in ways you’ve never thought possible (literally and figuratively).

Here's a glimpse into this unforgettable experience of self-care...

We just wrapped up our 2019 experience. Come back soon for 2020 details!